Find one. Be One.


Buddys is a secure, peer-to-peer support app designed to help people navigate personal hardship and loss.

So What Actually is Self Care?

Taking time to make sure your body and mind are in a good place, ensures the ability for you to have enough to give others.

You’ve Decided to Start a Mental Health Journey, Congrats!

Recognizing the need to work on your mental health is a great way to a new beginning.

In Difficult Times, Our Community Serves as a Beacon of Hope

It is when we are going through something challenging that makes us feel alone. Building a sense of community will help you get through it.

Mood Tracking and Mindfulness for Mental Health

Mood tracking and practicing mindfulness can help you stay in touch with how you’re feeling. Daily check-ins are available now in the Buddys app.

Find One. Be One. The Story Behind Buddys.

Find comfort in the company of others who have been where you are. Be the person who inspires others to find hope.

A Light in the Darkness

Mountain Brook Magazine looks back at how the founders of the Buddys App dealt with the loss of their son, and how their pain inspired them to help others.

A community that gets better together

The Buddys App meaning is perfectly captured by Good Grit, a southern culture magazine. The feature explains how Buddys differs from other online support platforms and how you can use it to overcome obstacles in your life.

Alabama Man Turns Grief into Action, New Business

Business Alabama covers the inspiring story of the Buddys App founder, James Morgan as he describes the ways in which the app can help you through life challenges.

‘Turn Our Pain Into a Purpose’: New Software Allows Users to Connect About Life’s Challenges

Over The Mountain Journal, a local Birmingham publication, tells the story of our founders and the inspiration behind the Buddys App.